Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three Parts

1. I.
Move aside these clouds
Narrow distance between us two
Remove every obstacle and raise every barrier
Let us be who would be
Let us add our voices to life's constant conversation
Together forge new paths and dreams
Other than those we alone once held dear
2. II.
The places we used to go
Now ring hollow and dark
Emptied of the life we filled them with
Bare trees and debris of autumn leaves
Time's clutter on green lawns where we once lay
These hands on cold nights seek the eiderdown
These fingertips cold no longer trace your heat
The radio buzzes me awake
And I lie there hearing house creak
Your heartbeat no longer drowns out the day
Your embrace no longer warms as storms surg
And in silence between the thunder
Seems an infinity of time for reflections on you
3. III.
Never again did our paths
You remained so young in my,memories
As I aged you stayed as you had been
An elegant passionate creature  of,memories and dreams
Details falling away till I cannot recall
Colour of lipstick you wore or which dress
How important were those shoes to your confidence
And what words we first spoke
Lost and unrecoverable in churning millstream of Time
Instead recall how warm we lay after a morning tryst
A kiss which wiped my mind of all thought
A sensation of being loved and loving
A sense of two joined as one.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Shorter than a straight line.

Shorter than a straight line.

I could draw a straight line
Between where you are and I reside
Ignore the turns and re-directions I need take
To be beside you
And every route I plot twists longer
Than the line taken by my heart
You are always closer.than my next breath
No further away than distance heart moves in each beat
In every direction and place you lie
A star guiding me above.and found under bare feet
You are the hands on the clock
And every moment and fraction of a second measured
None can see the you so close to me
And I cannot unsee or un-be tbe atoms of self
Marinated and indelibly stained with presence of you.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Wolves in Vestments

Wolves in Vestments

Escape confusion of mundane
Easier to fight the profane
Everyone accepts your view
Carried forth on the strength of many
Need not have clear answers just blunder in
Declare this illegal and that sin
Does not remove poverty or ignorance
In fact the more the better
As you follow archaic law or good book to the letter
Devoid of empathy and offering no hope
A fight against unseen menace because with reality unable to cope
Circumstances or life experiences do not matter
As lives precious and fragile shatter
Speak of love when love you avoid
Where your love for others should be a void
Declaring your goodness to words and lines
For this makes you good in trying times
A person in whom others place trust
For the words and lines say they must
A predator with a winning smile
Pious obedience and humility your style
For those who can see beyond the role adopted
To the black heart and soul corrupted
Beyond the mundane cares and chores you dwell

An angelic demeanour concealing an inner hell.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

no longer loving thine neighbour.

The boulevard of dreams is still there
the religions saying love and share
governments looking out for you
democracies of multiple parties two
this is the world of our today
shaped by Western Society's way

Leave the words behind
pick up a gun and empty mind
take the war onto the streets
where philistine and intelligentsia
burn the bus-stops and the parks
erase every one of Western Society's marks

How much hate has been built
how much is love and how much guilt
of Gods aligned along national lines
bombing children in schools covered with vines
your neighbour is your friend
unless your neighbour's religion does offend

Monday, March 11, 2013

fallen yesterdays

When I met you
the days moved at different speed
it was yesterday
so many fallen yesterdays
and the past had more time
the grass was greener
birds sung in tune
and you were the person
around whom I could sculpt
an entire future and life
in one kiss and embrace
an entire life could race
through my thoughts and mind
what we did or did not do
no longer matters
life has moved us along
and if there were tears forgotten
sleepless nights overlooked
all which can be recalled
is sunny days
and soft kisses seeking.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

if heart should ever tell

if heart should ever tell

in eyes you don't see
the scars on the heart
the underlying trauma
a lifetime worth of drama
condensed to six months
so much wisdom gained
through torture insane
the death of an innocent
birth of another
two brothers arrived
only one breathing still
the other lies still and purple
a plastic numbness to the flesh
no escape from death
and celebrations to be held
all placed on hold 
for in birth there was death
in death there was birth
twin images of each other
death of a twin brother
in grief father and mother
pray and cry and sleepless nights
hoping for best
living the worse and greatest
moments of life lived so far
beside a crib one struggles
while in a coffin other snuggled deep
into the earth a graveside farewell
for one who never talked
one who never cried
this side of the birth channel
and parents must continue on
world continues to spin
birds to greet dawn with song
one is gone and other must be held
and in hearts a space for both set aside
one dark and cold the other bright
one with hope for future
the other the past tragedy
never the heart to be rewrit
for one is dead and the other lived

Thursday, January 10, 2013

war is over

Scribe words across the sky a hundred metres high
the soldiers are all going home
bring ribbons and cake drink till dawn
fornicate in the streets
the war is over
allow chaos to reign for tomorrow
we must all return to the art of peace
of submerging animal hate
beneath a veil of manners
for the war is over
 and we are all going home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

casual cruelty

Somewhere they are shifting chairs
I hear the screech across polished floorboards
the scratches to thin personality of wood
forever marked by such casual rough treatment
casts up another face
a girl from long ago
(though in truth she was already a woman
I was just a fool not to know)
who in my loving ways I left crying
not understanding what we had or felt
only later in taking stock
saw the monster I was then
with such casual cruelty
slayed such uncomplicated beauty
and karma in reflection
said enough of that
no more can you catch unicorns
the world vengeance shall have
for discarding love so easily
moving on without a care
innocence is broken
cynicism rule your heart
every one you meet tomorrow
be a reflection of your shallowness
as you did all be cruel deception.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

the days turned upon themselves

Find me lost
crippled limping
a drowned cat in the rain
gypsy having lost his compass
Tomorrow is always today
today was always tomorrow
and yesterday inevitably follows
proving history and hindsight right
as if percentages of certainty after the event
were worth as much as those considered before
when all is uncertainty all is risk all is change
and the escape clause of not doing
of not seeing tomorrow glorious
allowing today to remain as were yesterdays
and as the yesterdays which shall inevitably
follow the smallness of our thoughts and instincts
the gross pymgy we would be if leant upon by our fears
and so you find me lost
as I look over the horizon from today
to the edge of potential tomorrow
lost courage lost hope lost direction
and today will be yesterday crowded by so many might have beens
unless take the challenge of today to paint tomorrow brightly and glid it in gold
for tomorrow never arrives
the tomorrow we seek is this today
which we must dress in hope and promise
so glorious ever will remain our yesterdays.

Friday, March 9, 2012



The sideways stagger
parking meters set your course
poles along your Everest descent
from fun to place of rest
the hallways and corridors provide
walls against which you bump
corralling you along the journey
from front door to bedroom
knowing you should have one more drink
a long cool clear glass of water
to help soothe the aching head of the future
which tomorrow on waking shall overwhelm
set drums to pounding
in every movement and every sound
after this drunken night is complete.